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Helpful Hints
  • Set priorities. You may want to completely redecorate your living room this weekend, but your budget may call for a longer-term plan. A room's function can help you determine priorities; think about how you can use the room and what pieces are essential for maximum comfort and function.
  • Make a wish list of furniture and accessories to purchase, if necessary, that compliments your home. Be sure to include measurements, budget, and style preferences.
  • When purchasing window coverings, flooring, countertops, etc. be sure to get samples, to see how the different colours, textures etc compliment each other and to see them in your own space with the lighting in that space.
  • Do furniture layouts to see how to increase space, traffic flow and ambience of a room. Typically, furniture is arranged to take advantage of a fireplace or windows with an appealing view. Help optimize the focal point in your room and showcase it as it is meant to be seen.
  • Sketch a floor plan. Measure the room, noting windows, doors, fireplaces, electrical outlets, and any other architectural features. Also measure any existing furniture that will be incorporated into the room.
  • Have a plan on accessorizing and picture placement before holes are put in the walls.
  • Try to achieve balance in colour, texture and light.
  • Always try to add tension to a space.

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